Elliott Fuller


Having picked up the guitar after choosing music at school and always having a passion for rock music, Elliott quickly progressed on the instrument  starting off with learning Metallica songs, he then took formal tuition for 10 months from guitar tutor Adam Hooton who turned him onto bands such as Dream Theater, Steve Vai ,Planet X and Necrophagist. After this highly enlightening experience Elliott began focusing more on the technical side of playing and advancing technique.

Having met Luke in his first year at Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) he was inspired further to push himself in a professional capacity and focus more on tone and ensemble practices.

Fast forward 2 years and Elliott finds himself on stage with Maschine without a rehearsal with the band itself to jittery version of Eyes pt1 (at least it was for him!). Shortly afterwards Elliott is invited into the band and has had the immense joy of playing with such an inspiring collection of musicians.

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