James Stewart


James has been playing drums since the age of 12 because he decided he couldn't be bothered to learn a real instrument that uses 'notes an' that'. He joined his first band three months later and played his first real live show at the age of 13. James joined his first metal band at the age of 16 and then 2 years later took over behind the kit for London-based thrash metal band Divine Chaos where he was first able to incorporate different musical elements (such as fusion and linear drumming) into his approach to metal drumming. The skills he picked up in DC were enough to get him spotted for the Polish death metal commando Vader and the progressive/post-rock/experimental band Written in Waters. Based on his performances with these bands he was asked to audition (successfully) for Maschine in March 2013.

James currently still plays in Vader, Written in Waters, Divine Chaos and Maschine.

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