Marie-Eve De Gaultier

Keyboards & Vocals

Marie-Eve De Gaultier brings elegance and a wealth of musicality to the group dynamic. Her fluid and enchanting style very much lends itself to the Maschine soundscape. The multi-talented Belgian female is not only an accomplished pianist and vocalist but also an adept flautist. At the age of 22 Marie-Eve has already made some remarkable accomplishments, when studying in Japan she played in the highly acclaimed and prestigious Anjou Gakuen Brass Band Club. The band have toured Europe and America and is composed of about 100 members. In her final year of study she achieved the ‘Student of the year’ award, through excelling in the course and actively demonstrating her musical talent.

Marie-Eve plays with Dan in her own project Lunar Maria, a band that combines serene and intricate melodies with influences of ‘trip-hop’, ‘ambient chillout’, and rock music. Taking influence from bands such as Hooverphonic and Arid, songwriter Shiina Ringo and Belgian composer Michel Lysight, Marie-Eve’s has a bountiful musical pallete of which she can draw inspiration from. Marie-Eve states:”I feel touched by music that can give me a different perspective on the world and help people to gain mental independence from the unspoken laws dictated by our society. When playing music, I try to take people to places they can explore, see and understand the way they want to.”

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